29 December 2006

Finally - an accessible LYS!

Knitty's Fetching
Click for a larger view
Okay, these are Anna's wristwarmer Xmanzakkuh present.

They're made out of Cashmerino Aran yarn from Debbie Bliss. Zomg,

Anna, these aren't machine washable, so don't even try it.
Far North Yarn Co. 006
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Okay, forgive the pricetags still being on this stash flash. Anyway, you knew already that hand-crafted socks were far more spendy than that machine knit stuff you get at the store.

These are going to turn into Anna's belated birthday socks. Since she's from "The City" [/Eddie Izzard], I'm going to use the Lombard Street Sock Pattern from Magknits. So, if you want to totally spoil your present, go ahead and click around.

Sock Yarned Goodness:
On any of the photos, feel free to click for a larger size.
Far North Yarn Co. 003 Zoh-migod. I love working with bamboo/wool blends. And I've been wanting to pick up more of this since I made up my Potomus socks (which really deserve a photo before the end of time). Unfortunately, most of the places that I'd been online were out of the colors I like... So SCORE!
(2 skeins = 1 pair of socks.)
Far North Yarn Co. 004 Austermann Step sock yarn. I've been looking at this and been all kinds of curious about this concept of sock yarn impregnated with aloe vera and jojoba oil - and that it's not supposed to be all gone until at least 40 washings? Even better.
So I picked up some. And so did T, for her socks (photos of those to come at the end). (1 skein = 1 pair of socks.)
Far North Yarn Co. 005 This is Brown Sheep's Wildefoot. If you've been poking around my Flickr account, you may recognize this yarn, but in a different color. I made the Elfine socks out of the green version of this.
I had to buy it. I'm always going to be an Alaska-girl and with the name of the yarn color being "Forget Me Not" (our state flower) - well, it was just appropriate.
Far North Yarn Co. 007 And blue isn't even my favorite color!

This is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I've been drooling over a few of their color combos for a while, and River Run was on the list. Yeah, it's in a hank, which means that I've got to get off my ass when I get back to Roswell and get the poplar to build my quasi-swift. It's an excuse to play with toys.
Far North Yarn Co. 008 More Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. This one's colourway is called "Northern Lights" (Alaska REPRESENT!) and I think I'm going to make another pair of Jaywalkers out of this yarn. I'll have to knit up a swatch to see if it self-stripes.

It's a surprisingly pretty yarn color, with little bits of green (and it's the right color green) popping up here and there. I'm looking forward to knitting with it.
Far North Yarn Co. 011 More bamboo sock yarn. This one knits up with the occasional fleck of the light or dark blue, on a background of snowy-white. Okay, put the romantic notions aside... It was this or pink and white. No thanks.
These are gonna turn into super sexy knee socks. I'll be waiting on getting those knit up 'til I lose a bit of weight, or get my calves toned back up, or both. Just to make them fit properly, though that wouldn't be quite so critical if I do it in ribbing. Anyway, they're damned sexy.
Austermann Step Sock 02 As promised, T's socks. But not T's leg! What's going on here?!?

Well, T and I have the same size foot (give or take half a cm) and I really wanted to cast off so I could cast on for the second sock, so we used my foot as a guide. They're done out of Austermann Step (with the yummy stuff, which makes it pretty to knit with) and they're PRETTY. Good thing these aren't a gift-gift. These are an equivalent exchange gift. I'll knit 'em for free, but she has to get me something knitting related (preferably yarn) that allows me to create an equal item or constitutes equal value to the yarn she bought.

And she knows she's not allowed to buy crap yarn.

Non-sock yarn
Far North Yarn Co. 001 Holy Schnikes. So little yarn for so much money! This is going to turn into a gorgeous Kiri Shawl.

There's a fawn brown at the LYS, and I'm trying to decide if I'd be happier with that or with the blue. I have a little over a week to decide.
Far North Yarn Co. 002 Wristwarmer fodder ahoy!

Okay, now, we all know I love wristwarmers. They're a quick knit, an immediate gratification thing, and just really nice to have on hand, either for myself or for gifts. And after giving the yarn a squeeze in the store, I knew I had to get me some. It's sexy.

Like take it to bed and divorce your husband sexy.
Far North Yarn Co. 009 More armwarmer fodder. These are going to, in theory, be made into Knitty's Fetching (see the first photo in this) for Lisa in Oz.
Ever since her neck injury, her arms have been cold. Unfortunately, since her surgery, the decline in circulation doesn't seem to have kicked back into gear yet.

There's another similar yarn type that I'm not going to post because it serves no purpose. Same thing, different brand/color.
Far North Yarn Co. 010 Ah. T was in the store with me when I picked these out, and she helped. Of course, she also told me that I did the "white chocolate kit-kats"* thing about 4 times while in the store, and I think she counted low. Anyway, these were spotted and I got all kinds of excited.

These are going to be the first pair of Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. I figured I'd make the first pair relatively mellow - and charcoal (really, it's olive) and terra cotta are pretty nice and mellow.

The second pair? Red and black. Gorgeous!

19 August 2006

You spin me right 'round baby

More yarny excitement!

The community college I teach for is offering me the opportunity to teach a course on handspinning in the Spring.

I get to play with all kinds of exciting and happy things. I also get to cram teach myself how to spin. You see, I told the chair of the liberal arts department that I wanted to learn how to spin. She told me that if I learned how to spin, they would pay me to teach a course on spinning.

Woo, dawgie!

So, now I'm on the hunt for resources.

But wait, it gets better. There is the possibility that we'll be videoing parts of the course. Copyright remains with me. I may be able to develop and sell a spinning course on VHS or DVD.

Who knows. It's a little overwhelming but serious fun.

28 July 2006

2006 July 26 - Yarn Get

2006 July 26 - Yarn Get
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All this yarn. The deal was 2 bags for 12 dollars.
There were 6 colors of Lana Gatto Feeling (70% Merino, 20% silk, 10% cashmere), marked originally at $15.50 per skein. (Cream - 9, Black - 3, Red - 4, Dark Green - 5, Olive Green - 6, Rust - 6.) Then there was some funky carry yarns, some super bulky Rowan yarn, cotton yarns (for mom) and that's about it.
I picked up some other yarns to go with my cream yarn that was 200 yards short of a sweater. I'm trying to figure out how I want to incorporate it. I'll take better photos of the cream and the complimenting yarn after the move and start looking for advice.

25 July 2006

Still WIPing it

French Market Bag WIP
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Two days later and this is how far I've gotten. Of course, I think my gauge is a little off, but oh well. If the bag turns out a little smaller, then it turns out a little smaller.

French Market Bag WIP
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21 July 2006

Definition of Insanity:

With a temperature slated to hit 100F today, I'm knitting a wool bag that is to be felted. Yep. Nutter.

19 July 2006


Knitty Soliel WIP
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This is my Soliel so far.

I'm working in Cotton Classic (100% Mercerised Cotton) by Tahki, color number 3931, dyelot 165.

I've finished the decreases and am currently in the 'knit around and around and around' section. Unfortunately, I need to wind more yarn and I don't have a swift. This is why I usually have two projects on the needles at any given time.

Which brings us to the French Market Bag:

Knitty French Market Bag WIP
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
I really like this method of creating a bag bottom. I wish I had done it with my Booga Bag - I'm not very fond of the garter stitch bottom. Actually, the part I hate is the picking up stitches. Pirate Tote (v.1) was done top down and the three needle bind-off/stockinette stitch bottom didn't impact the integrity of the bag at all. I don't see how it would in future felted totes.

I'm almost to the halfway point of the bottom of the French Market Bag, so my little "where am I" bar isn't totally accurate. Modifications I've made so far: rather than following the M1 instructions, I've opted to KFB on the first and last stitch on the DPNs. When I need to switch to circulars, I will be placing a marker at the 'corners' to be able to maintain the KFB pattern. Given that this is on sz 7 needles and will be felted, any holes created by KFB as opposed to a lifted increase M1 will probably be unnoticable. And if they are, I'll just line the bag when it's felted. Any felted bag to be used as a knitting tote should be, in my opinion, lined. Aside from felting shedding, it also has a wonderful tendency to pick up animal fuzzies, and I really hate knitting cat fur in with my cotton tanks.

Tomorrow I really must grade and pack up things. *sigh*

Worked so far in Cascade 220 black (8555).

Skull and Crossbones Felted Tote

I'm working out this bag in my head.

It's a 12 stitch pattern, and the lady before did 11 repeats. I'm thinking 12 repeats for a 24x48 st bag, and to be able to start the bottom on DPNs, casting on 12 st and dividing as follows: 2, 4, 2, 4. Then follow the pattern for Knitty's French Market bag for the bottom until I get to 144 stitches.

I'm also debating on purling the corners to help it square better.

I'd like to get this sorted because an old friend wants me to make a felted bag for his wife with a different centerpiece. We'll see how I do on this one.

18 July 2006

Ballet Cami Finish

Ballet Cami Finish
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And it's done!

I did not put in the gather because it brought The Girls from huge to gargantuan.

But I like the arm straps, it's a cool (temperature) tank, and it was a relatively quick knit.

No, I'm not a small person. I plan to be a small person again one day, but until then, I'll be wearing blazers over my tank tops.

Yarn Porn!

I went to lunch with a friend today. My choice, so I decided on my favorite Thai restaurant.

Now, there is some debate on whether I like this restaurant because the food is good *and* cheap - a plus for any poor college student - or if it's because it's across the street from my LYS.

So I stopped in and picked up some lovely Cascade 220 for evil felting purposes.

The purple is more of a dark periwinkle (colorway 8888) and the black is, well, black (colorway 8555). I'm going to use this yarn to make the pirate bag posted in the LJ community "Knitting" by kightp.

Cascade 220 - Color 9456
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
This blue is actually more of a denim than turquoise. The planned use for it is to recreate my Skull Tote from Hello Yarn. Unfortunately, they did not have enough of the grey I wanted to pair with it, so that will have to wait. The colorway for the grey is 4002. *pout*

At least I have the colorway so I can match it up. And this post as a reminder for me to get it done.

I plan to recreate the Skull Tote done in double knitting, and I think I'm going to work it bottom up, just as soon as I figure out how many stitches I'd need to make it work. I think that would alleviate the hourglass figure. Good on women, bad on tote bags.

I love this green. Love it. Want to marry it. It's in the Cascade 220 "Heathers" collection - which, of course, makes me think of the 80's movie. Though I don't think it's a color any of the Heathers would wear...

I'm getting sidetracked.

This yummy yarn is going to be used to make the French Market Bag from the Winter 2003 issue of Knitty.

It's interesting, because after my first attempt at felting, I wasn't happy with the results. It had more to do with intarsia in the round not working than the felting itself, but it was enough to put me off my feed for a while. My second attempt was the Booga Bag from Black Sheep Bags, and that one came out a little... light. It's nice, but I prefer the feel of the double-stranded knitting.

I am more than tempted to make my Rogue or Eris out of this green. It's that nice. Well, not in feel, because it's not one of those "omg, merino is love" wools, but I think the color would knit up nicely. We shall see. I am planning on using Eris to destash some dark grey lightly-tweeded yarn my mother sent me. I'm thinking the cardigan version will become that. No idea. I'll cross that when I get to it. Right now, I have *so* many things to get completed.

I do believe that is it. My life isn't very exciting right now, but by god. I have new yarn with which to play!

Ballet Camisole 2006-07-18

Ballet Camisole 2006-07-18
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Ballet Camisole from MagKnits as of July 18, 2006.

Shoulders have been finished with a kitchner stitch, I'm not sure if I like this or the three needle bind-off better. Both are concentration-heavy. However, the instructions for kitchner stitch in Stitch n Bitch is very helpful for being able to visualize what the method is.

One armhole has been finished with single crochet edging, and all loose yarns have been woven through the work. I'd like to have a better idea of how weaving the ends in should be, but my method works fine for now. It just gives occasional areas of thicker material.

Next thing to do: finish single crochet on the neck and other armhole, then wash and block.

I'm not quite sure when I cast on for this, I think it was about two weeks ago. I should really keep track of such things.

16 July 2006

Advice regarding lace patterns

[I was not the original poster of this info.]

As for the lace project, the best advice I ever got when starting lace was to make a "lace book." Get some index cards, and write down each row of the pattern on a separate card, either written out or as a chart, your choice (I also usually cut them in half, since most lace repeats fit easily on one-half of a card). Punch a hole in the corner of each card and attach them together using ring clips (which you can find in most office supply stores). Every time you finish a row, flip the card over to the back so that the next row is the first card.You'll always know your place, and be able to have the specific row you need right there without risking skipping lines. Paper clip the book to your place whenever you put down your knitting, and you'll be sure to know your place when you get back, whether it's five minutes or five months from when you left off.

If the wrong side is always a purl row, you can either skip making a card, since it's usually easy to tell if you're working on the wrong or right side, or you can just put a blank card in to help keep track. If the wrong side row has pattern stitches, I've found it very useful to use two different colors ofcards, one for right-side rows and one for wrong-side rows, and to use a color-coordinating stitch marker at the beginning of the appropriate row. For instance, if my right-side rows are blue cards, the first marker as I work the right side is also blue.

Good luck!

MagKnits Ballet Camisole - WIP

I bought this yarn (Katia Bamboo) with the intention of using it for the Shapely Tank Top by White Lies Designs. After starting it and not quite getting the short rows (finally did with another tank, but the straps are too short, need to be unseamed, etc.), I frogged it and resigned myself to figuring *something* out for it, but no ideas were forthcoming.

And then MagKnits came out with their Summer issue and the Ballet Camisole pattern. All of a sudden, I knew what to use my lovely bamboo/cotton blend for - yay!WIP Ballet Camisole

So, where am I on this? I've completed the body and the armhole bind off, and now I am working on the upper back. The back decreases are done and there's about 2 inches to go before I start the straps.

Even with the front of the garment on the cable needle, I *love* the way this yarn drapes. I'm debating on buying scads of it and procion dyeing it in colors that I want since most of the yarn stores I have around here only have it in ivory and a slew of neon bright colors. It does come in more muted shades, but it's so hard to tell if you're getting that right color for your skin type via the monitor. I know mine is calibrated well, but who knows about the monitors on the other end!

I am very tempted on my next trip home to grab my dressmaking dummy. I'm currently fat enough for it to be the right size. I don't know if that's a good thing or not :P

15 July 2006

Knitting while injured

Knitting is one of those things that we do when we need some relaxation. Some time to sit down and go zen.

However, when your thumb is in a splint, it does become slightly difficult to knit as one is accustomed. It can be done. It's just a massive pain in the backside.

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers - SnB

Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers - SnB
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Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. Made from Noro Kuryon, no idea what colorway as it was another one of those left in my stash from the pre-knitting times. (I used to crochet exclusively.)

Armwarmers - patterns by Slumberland

A Warm Braid
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
1 Day Armwamers - Slumberland

A Little Twist(ed)

All of these were done from free patterns out of Slumberland.org.

Top to bottom:
A Warm Braid - made with royal blue colorway of some acrylic yarn hiding in my stash. Made in one night for a friend's birthday present.

One-day Armwarmers.
Made from Moda Dea Dream in a lavender/periwinkle color. Very fuzzy, very soft.

A little twist.

Made from Debbie Bliss Cathay in a blue-purple colorway (don't remember the name).


Picture 056
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
A knitted kitten plushie toy out of worsted wt grey wool. A new toy for a friend's mini Australian Shepherd pup.

Pattern acquired from the Livejournal Knitting Community, actual pattern created by Geobabe.

Skull Bag - Hello Yarn

Skull Bag - Hello Yarn
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
This was made with Patons 100% wool in black and denim blue. Then felted. Then shaped and stuffed with grocery bags.

First attempt at knitting in the round and felting. A few things I learned from this: intarsia in the round doesn't really exist. I would probably be better off making each line of the skull with a seperate length of yarn. Other lesson learned: When doing a three needle bind off, make sure you do it on the wrong side of the project, otherwise it just looks silly.

I actually made this one twice. I hated the first one so much that I ripped it all out. I do have enough yarn to make another one, preferably that doesn't 'nip in' at the middle. I might do that during the summer. This one I think is going to T as her "DM Bag" for gaming. The middle going in would actually be helpful for her so the dice don't go all over the place if/when the bag gets upended.

Pattern from Hello Yarn's Big Skull Tote.