16 July 2006

Advice regarding lace patterns

[I was not the original poster of this info.]

As for the lace project, the best advice I ever got when starting lace was to make a "lace book." Get some index cards, and write down each row of the pattern on a separate card, either written out or as a chart, your choice (I also usually cut them in half, since most lace repeats fit easily on one-half of a card). Punch a hole in the corner of each card and attach them together using ring clips (which you can find in most office supply stores). Every time you finish a row, flip the card over to the back so that the next row is the first card.You'll always know your place, and be able to have the specific row you need right there without risking skipping lines. Paper clip the book to your place whenever you put down your knitting, and you'll be sure to know your place when you get back, whether it's five minutes or five months from when you left off.

If the wrong side is always a purl row, you can either skip making a card, since it's usually easy to tell if you're working on the wrong or right side, or you can just put a blank card in to help keep track. If the wrong side row has pattern stitches, I've found it very useful to use two different colors ofcards, one for right-side rows and one for wrong-side rows, and to use a color-coordinating stitch marker at the beginning of the appropriate row. For instance, if my right-side rows are blue cards, the first marker as I work the right side is also blue.

Good luck!

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