16 July 2006

MagKnits Ballet Camisole - WIP

I bought this yarn (Katia Bamboo) with the intention of using it for the Shapely Tank Top by White Lies Designs. After starting it and not quite getting the short rows (finally did with another tank, but the straps are too short, need to be unseamed, etc.), I frogged it and resigned myself to figuring *something* out for it, but no ideas were forthcoming.

And then MagKnits came out with their Summer issue and the Ballet Camisole pattern. All of a sudden, I knew what to use my lovely bamboo/cotton blend for - yay!WIP Ballet Camisole

So, where am I on this? I've completed the body and the armhole bind off, and now I am working on the upper back. The back decreases are done and there's about 2 inches to go before I start the straps.

Even with the front of the garment on the cable needle, I *love* the way this yarn drapes. I'm debating on buying scads of it and procion dyeing it in colors that I want since most of the yarn stores I have around here only have it in ivory and a slew of neon bright colors. It does come in more muted shades, but it's so hard to tell if you're getting that right color for your skin type via the monitor. I know mine is calibrated well, but who knows about the monitors on the other end!

I am very tempted on my next trip home to grab my dressmaking dummy. I'm currently fat enough for it to be the right size. I don't know if that's a good thing or not :P

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