15 July 2006

Skull Bag - Hello Yarn

Skull Bag - Hello Yarn
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This was made with Patons 100% wool in black and denim blue. Then felted. Then shaped and stuffed with grocery bags.

First attempt at knitting in the round and felting. A few things I learned from this: intarsia in the round doesn't really exist. I would probably be better off making each line of the skull with a seperate length of yarn. Other lesson learned: When doing a three needle bind off, make sure you do it on the wrong side of the project, otherwise it just looks silly.

I actually made this one twice. I hated the first one so much that I ripped it all out. I do have enough yarn to make another one, preferably that doesn't 'nip in' at the middle. I might do that during the summer. This one I think is going to T as her "DM Bag" for gaming. The middle going in would actually be helpful for her so the dice don't go all over the place if/when the bag gets upended.

Pattern from Hello Yarn's Big Skull Tote.

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