19 July 2006


Knitty Soliel WIP
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This is my Soliel so far.

I'm working in Cotton Classic (100% Mercerised Cotton) by Tahki, color number 3931, dyelot 165.

I've finished the decreases and am currently in the 'knit around and around and around' section. Unfortunately, I need to wind more yarn and I don't have a swift. This is why I usually have two projects on the needles at any given time.

Which brings us to the French Market Bag:

Knitty French Market Bag WIP
Originally uploaded by AK_neve.
I really like this method of creating a bag bottom. I wish I had done it with my Booga Bag - I'm not very fond of the garter stitch bottom. Actually, the part I hate is the picking up stitches. Pirate Tote (v.1) was done top down and the three needle bind-off/stockinette stitch bottom didn't impact the integrity of the bag at all. I don't see how it would in future felted totes.

I'm almost to the halfway point of the bottom of the French Market Bag, so my little "where am I" bar isn't totally accurate. Modifications I've made so far: rather than following the M1 instructions, I've opted to KFB on the first and last stitch on the DPNs. When I need to switch to circulars, I will be placing a marker at the 'corners' to be able to maintain the KFB pattern. Given that this is on sz 7 needles and will be felted, any holes created by KFB as opposed to a lifted increase M1 will probably be unnoticable. And if they are, I'll just line the bag when it's felted. Any felted bag to be used as a knitting tote should be, in my opinion, lined. Aside from felting shedding, it also has a wonderful tendency to pick up animal fuzzies, and I really hate knitting cat fur in with my cotton tanks.

Tomorrow I really must grade and pack up things. *sigh*

Worked so far in Cascade 220 black (8555).

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