29 December 2006

Finally - an accessible LYS!

Knitty's Fetching
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Okay, these are Anna's wristwarmer Xmanzakkuh present.

They're made out of Cashmerino Aran yarn from Debbie Bliss. Zomg,

Anna, these aren't machine washable, so don't even try it.
Far North Yarn Co. 006
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Okay, forgive the pricetags still being on this stash flash. Anyway, you knew already that hand-crafted socks were far more spendy than that machine knit stuff you get at the store.

These are going to turn into Anna's belated birthday socks. Since she's from "The City" [/Eddie Izzard], I'm going to use the Lombard Street Sock Pattern from Magknits. So, if you want to totally spoil your present, go ahead and click around.

Sock Yarned Goodness:
On any of the photos, feel free to click for a larger size.
Far North Yarn Co. 003 Zoh-migod. I love working with bamboo/wool blends. And I've been wanting to pick up more of this since I made up my Potomus socks (which really deserve a photo before the end of time). Unfortunately, most of the places that I'd been online were out of the colors I like... So SCORE!
(2 skeins = 1 pair of socks.)
Far North Yarn Co. 004 Austermann Step sock yarn. I've been looking at this and been all kinds of curious about this concept of sock yarn impregnated with aloe vera and jojoba oil - and that it's not supposed to be all gone until at least 40 washings? Even better.
So I picked up some. And so did T, for her socks (photos of those to come at the end). (1 skein = 1 pair of socks.)
Far North Yarn Co. 005 This is Brown Sheep's Wildefoot. If you've been poking around my Flickr account, you may recognize this yarn, but in a different color. I made the Elfine socks out of the green version of this.
I had to buy it. I'm always going to be an Alaska-girl and with the name of the yarn color being "Forget Me Not" (our state flower) - well, it was just appropriate.
Far North Yarn Co. 007 And blue isn't even my favorite color!

This is Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I've been drooling over a few of their color combos for a while, and River Run was on the list. Yeah, it's in a hank, which means that I've got to get off my ass when I get back to Roswell and get the poplar to build my quasi-swift. It's an excuse to play with toys.
Far North Yarn Co. 008 More Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. This one's colourway is called "Northern Lights" (Alaska REPRESENT!) and I think I'm going to make another pair of Jaywalkers out of this yarn. I'll have to knit up a swatch to see if it self-stripes.

It's a surprisingly pretty yarn color, with little bits of green (and it's the right color green) popping up here and there. I'm looking forward to knitting with it.
Far North Yarn Co. 011 More bamboo sock yarn. This one knits up with the occasional fleck of the light or dark blue, on a background of snowy-white. Okay, put the romantic notions aside... It was this or pink and white. No thanks.
These are gonna turn into super sexy knee socks. I'll be waiting on getting those knit up 'til I lose a bit of weight, or get my calves toned back up, or both. Just to make them fit properly, though that wouldn't be quite so critical if I do it in ribbing. Anyway, they're damned sexy.
Austermann Step Sock 02 As promised, T's socks. But not T's leg! What's going on here?!?

Well, T and I have the same size foot (give or take half a cm) and I really wanted to cast off so I could cast on for the second sock, so we used my foot as a guide. They're done out of Austermann Step (with the yummy stuff, which makes it pretty to knit with) and they're PRETTY. Good thing these aren't a gift-gift. These are an equivalent exchange gift. I'll knit 'em for free, but she has to get me something knitting related (preferably yarn) that allows me to create an equal item or constitutes equal value to the yarn she bought.

And she knows she's not allowed to buy crap yarn.

Non-sock yarn
Far North Yarn Co. 001 Holy Schnikes. So little yarn for so much money! This is going to turn into a gorgeous Kiri Shawl.

There's a fawn brown at the LYS, and I'm trying to decide if I'd be happier with that or with the blue. I have a little over a week to decide.
Far North Yarn Co. 002 Wristwarmer fodder ahoy!

Okay, now, we all know I love wristwarmers. They're a quick knit, an immediate gratification thing, and just really nice to have on hand, either for myself or for gifts. And after giving the yarn a squeeze in the store, I knew I had to get me some. It's sexy.

Like take it to bed and divorce your husband sexy.
Far North Yarn Co. 009 More armwarmer fodder. These are going to, in theory, be made into Knitty's Fetching (see the first photo in this) for Lisa in Oz.
Ever since her neck injury, her arms have been cold. Unfortunately, since her surgery, the decline in circulation doesn't seem to have kicked back into gear yet.

There's another similar yarn type that I'm not going to post because it serves no purpose. Same thing, different brand/color.
Far North Yarn Co. 010 Ah. T was in the store with me when I picked these out, and she helped. Of course, she also told me that I did the "white chocolate kit-kats"* thing about 4 times while in the store, and I think she counted low. Anyway, these were spotted and I got all kinds of excited.

These are going to be the first pair of Eunny Jang's Endpaper Mitts. I figured I'd make the first pair relatively mellow - and charcoal (really, it's olive) and terra cotta are pretty nice and mellow.

The second pair? Red and black. Gorgeous!

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