03 November 2007

So much knitting, so little time...

Eep! I'm such a bad blogger. (And I start off so many posts with that self-recrimination!)

Since moving for my MA, I've only gotten some new yarns, and I have to admit that I've started way too many projects.

What I currently have going on...
- Eris by Girl from Auntie, worked in WotA from KnitPicks in Claret Heather (more Aubergine than Wine, but that's okay.)
- Rogue by Girl from Auntie, worked in Cascade 220 Superwash in Truffle Brown (posted below). All that's left on this one is the sleeves, but I just can't get off my ass to make it go yet.
- Another Sahara in Pegasus from Elann.com in Cream. The body is done, I'm just not quite up for making the sleeves. I think I'll do up the collar next.
- Diamond Fantasy Shawl by Sivia Harding Knit Design, worked in JaggerSpun Zephyr in Ruby. I need a shawl for some of the classrooms I'm in - they're cold! Plus, I think the shawl will be small enough to put in a ziplock bag and keep in my backpack.

I also picked up some yummy Noni Designs that should be arriving in the next two weeks.

The flower bags (Cherry Blossom and Fuchsia) will turn into random carry-with bags. I'm not really a purse person, but they're just too damned neat not to make.

Adventure Bags will probably turn into travel purses.

The Green Earth Grocery Bag will probably be a "make as I can" project. I'd really like to go to the store and never have to use a plastic bag again.

And finally, the Medallion Travel Bag will turn into my car-bag that keeps things good for car-emergencies. Long-storage food, blanket, random paperback, notepad, spare jacket, etc. I'm thinking about doing the white section in Patons SWS (probably Geranium) and the black in Patons SWS Coal.

Either that or do it in a red and black color scheme.

So, basically, I have tons of knitting and sometimes not enough time to do it.

27 September 2007

First off, long time no post. I'm a bad bad knitter. But... I have something for you to look at!

Behold my progress on Rogue. I've finished the body and gotten the shoulder seams stitched up. Now all that's left is the hood and the sleeves.

There are some issues, but I'm hoping they get sorted out with the blocking.

09 June 2007


I'm hating the Kiri shawl in Handmaiden Sea Silk. The variegation causes the pattern to be lost, and I do have those four skeins of Kid Silk Haze that I bought for the project that I should just use and be done with it...

Now to find a fingering weight shrug pattern that I don't hate.

Unless someone gives me a damned good reason not to frog the Sea Silk Kiri shawl, it's going to happen when I get back from my trip.

Sunshine Top by Lily Go

Date Started: 25 May 2007
Date Completed: 05 June 2007
Pattern: Sunshine Top by Lily Go, pattern written for fingering or DK weight yarn in 40".
Yarn: SWTC Bamboo in Cobalt from DiscontinuedBrandNameYarn.com, about 3.6 skeins.
Needles: US6 Addi Natura (Bamboo) 32" circulars.
Modifications: I didn't get gauge, but the top-down construction of this top made it easy to modify and keep knitting until the raglan sleeves were wide enough. The pattern calls for 3/4 length sleeves, but I opted for a t-shirt length sleeve for summer wear. I added in short rows (1.75") to fit my bust. I also reduced the seed stitch cuff on the sleeves to 6 rows (from 3" as called for in the pattern).
Thoughts on the knit (or what I'd do differently next time): I don't like where the waist panel hits on me, but I suspect that has more to do with my rolly belly than the design. I'd also CO fewer stitches so the neckline comes up a bit further on my shoulders. I'd also turn the bottom hem into a shirt-tail hem with short rows.

The pattern was easy to follow and Lily sent out an errata as soon as she had one. She also offered to help with any aspects of the pattern that may have been confusing.

06 June 2007

Have I turned into a sheep yet?

There is a summer contest going on at Skeins Her Way which I read about on Kozy Kitty's Blog. (I swear, these contest notifications are the only reasons I'm reading her anymore after being tagged. Honestly. Okay, it has nothing to do with the cute kitty photos, or the awesome Sahara she just finished. Nope. It's the contests. I swear. Because I'm still vexed about doing that tagged blog thing... And if you took any of this seriously, please see your doctor about getting on a chill pill. Thanks!)

A requirement of the contest is to list your summer knitting goals on your blog so here goes:
(I'm going to whimper a bit first... Okay, I'm ready.)

  1. Finish Kiri shawl in Sea Silk
  2. Finish Soleil in Bamboo
  3. Figure out the magic formula for short row sleeve caps
  4. Design my own summer top to use with the Rowan 4-ply that my mom gifted me with (or rework one of Eunny Jang's insane gorgeous designs that she hasn't shared the pattern for).
  5. Make needle pouches for all the DPNs that don't fit in the KnitPicks Options binder. (Hey, it's knitting related.)
  6. Start (and mostly finish) Rogue cardigan for fall wear.
  7. Sort out, for once and for all, how to adjust all those patterns that call for worsted weight to make them work for DK or sport weight.
Not sure who's going to read this off my blog, but if you do this, when you leave a comment at Skeins Her Way, tell her you found it here!

(Boo! Hiss! It looks like I didn't get around to reading the fine print that says it's already over. Ah, well. At least now I have my summer goals innumerated for all to see!)

Attention all Booze Hags!

A friend of a blog-friend, Pheelya, is having a contest for her birthday on her blog. To enter--click on the hot link and leave her a comment. You MUST say that you read about the contest on MY blog! Apparently, there's lewtz up for grabs.

Here's the deal - to enter Pheelya's contest, you have to leave her a comment telling her your favorite project, yarn, whatnot... Or, my favorite part, what you love to drink. Being a former law student, I know all about the booze. (Oh, yeah. My time as a bartender helps.) Here's the hitch, you have to tell her that you found out about it from my blog, then you have to post a blurb like this one on your blog with a link to the contest.

I know. It's really really hard to do. That's okay. You don't have to. I'll settle for less competition for the lewtz.

24 May 2007

Green, black, brown... I'm sensing a theme, here.

Here it is... My long languishing French Market Bag from Knitty.

I don't remember all the stats, but I'll do my best.

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Black, 220 Heathers in Hunter Green
Needles: Size 7 in Boye Needlemaster, then KnitPicks Options
Modifications: Increased green section to 10" instead of 8" for a slightly deeper bag
Fulling: Tossed in the wash as a small load with a pair of jean shorts (which I meant to change into because they were clean and the jeans I was wearing were dirty, but my lovely brain struck again) and some Seventh Generation liquid detergent on "Cottons" setting (hot/cold). Because I added a titch too much laundry soap, I rinsed it in the sink after.

Other News:
I've started on a Kiri Shawl with the second skein of Handmaiden's Sea Silk because I'm just not feeling the Clapotis in the sea silk. Wish I could, really do, but I'm just not feeling the love there.

So, I'm through the first chart of Kiri, and a few rows into the second. As with all shawls, it doesn't look like much right now, so no photos. If I hit the end of the second chart and find myself in love with the pattern, Clapotis Sea Silk is getting frogged with a vengeance.

23 May 2007

Another WIP bites the dust

A little over a year ago, I started the French Market Bag from Knitty. After I don't know how many miles of circular stockinette, I put it down. Thanks to the guilt I felt from uploading my WIPs to Ravelry, I picked it up last night and finished it (aside from the fulling) just now.

I'll have to do a massive photo post soon, but it's another FO.

22 May 2007

Shapely Tank - FO

The Shapely Tank from White Lies Designs is done.

I blame Ravelry for it, too. I'd put it down, a little discouraged at what I thought was the damned thing being a bit off from the front to the back panel... Turns out that the replacement yarn (exact same, just a different dyelot) was knitting up at a different row gauge. Seamed it together and matched up, so that was a relief. All that's left is sewing in the ends, wash 'n block, and a few photos.

It might have ended up a little big for me, and if that's the case, mom inherits it.


I got my invite to Ravelry today. So far, I'm loving the site. As I play with it more, I'll have more things to suggest.

Pardon me while I clap like Herman Munster with a piece of chocolate.

Tag, I'm what?

Kozy Kitty tagged me. She says not to hate her, but I'm not too sure about that... I'm feeling benevolent today, so I suppose I'll avoid with the hatin'.

Here are the instructions: List 7 random things about yourself on your blog along with the rules then tag seven other residents of the blogosphere to do the same! [Yeah, not tagging people, but I'll play along.]

1. I was involved in a FutureWeapons shoot as a clapping, hooting and hollering extra. There I got to meet Richard "Mack" Machowicz and had a good but short conversation with him.

2. In other celebrity-esque randomness, I saw Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood at a show in Anchorage. They did an "interview" skit with a member of the audience, asking for people with strange jobs. I called out "Salmon milker!" and was chosen. They were both very nice, though a little shocked when they realized what salmon milking actually was.

3. One of my friends decided that he was going to teach me how to speak ghetto before I left for law school. I did, and now I occasionally use it to shock my students. ( The latest: You need to step off and get the hell outta my grill.)

4. I tell my students that I'm "nearly thirty" (which is somewhat true) because I suspect that it would impact their view of me if they knew I was 27 (closing in quickly on 28).

5. I go on an underwear buying spree about once every three years.

6. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to do the following things:

  • Buy every one of my students a laptop and a dictionary
  • Build a Pagoda Shrine style home in the mountains somewhere
  • Declare myself a non-resident of any country, or buy an island and declare myself an independent nation
  • Keep teaching
  • Force all book publishers to make any book that is not photo oriented be the same dimensions for ease of my bookshelves (different dimensions for paperbacks and hardbound, but yeah)
7. I hate to blame anything on my ADHD, even though I know a number of quirks directly relate to the way my brain chemistry just, well, is.

I was hoping to have a FO to post for Post #50, but this works just as well. (Blogger dashboard is lying to me, according to my post count, I'm at #48, I suppose they're counting drafts.)

16 May 2007

Self-imposed rules

I'm not allowed to start on another project until I finish the autumn leaves top and get through the first skein on my clapotis.

Which is a damned shame, because my jade bamboo yarn just got here today.

What to the who now?

Yarn care symbols.
Pretty in Pink tank.
Knitty's Isabella for Rowan 4-ply.
Cropped Shrug Hoodie from Craftster.
T-shirts with a knitting theme.

Was in desperate need of cleaning up my tabs.

14 May 2007

Yarn arrival

My "make up" yarn for the Shapely Tank got here today. I'm not dying to get back to knitting on it (though I should) but I'll probably pick it back up tonight. It'll be a nice change from the straps on the hybrid.

WIPs - Shapely Tank and Sahara/Lelah hybrid

Pattern: Shapely Tank Top from White Lies Designs
Date Started: 04 May 2007
Lion Brand Incredible in colorway "Autumn Leaves"
Needles: Size 10 US for garter stitch at bottom, size 9 US for body.

Obligatory close up:

Sahara/Lelah hybrid.

Start Date: 12 May 2007
Yarn: Ella Rae Shibu in colorway 07
This is the back section. I am planning on making the front into a true V-neck, and incorporating short row bust shaping.

The area under the bust will go into the lacework pattern seen in Lelah. Possibly having the ribbon section as well.

12 May 2007

Sahara Photos

Finished Sahara

Date Started: 28 April 2007
Date Completed: 11 May 2007
Pattern: Sahara from StitchDiva by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic.
Yarn: Ella Rae Shibu, Colorway 07.
Needles: Size 5 US for body, Size 4 US for ribbing. KnitPicks Options.
Modifications: Lengthened sleeves by working the long sleeve pattern decreases (5 total decreases, +2 rounds) before ribbing.
Neckline p3togtbl was switched for a p3tog.
Modifications for row gauge being off pattern.

Thoughts on the knit: This was a nice knit. There wasn't a whole lot of difficult stitching involved and the end result is nice and fitted. I'm a little surprised at how nice the color looks on me, as I don't think of myself as being a "pink person." I'm looking forward to revisiting this knit in the bamboo yarn I ordered from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn. (Seriously, 2500 yards of light worsted for $42.50. That's enough for another Sahara and a Shapely Tank.)

I also have to point out that I am incapable of binding off loosely in a standard bind-off. I used Zimmerman's Sewn Bind-Off for all the hems. It worked rather well for all of them. For future iterations of this, I think I'll be crocheting the center seam together, because I'm not entirely thrilled with the center seam as it stands. It's not so bad that it's bothering me, but the next one needs to be something ... better.

11 May 2007


She's done. I would have liked a prettier seam, but I can do that with the next one that will be made in Bamboo yarn - Jade colorway. Hopefully I'll have enough to make it work. The silk is nice, but I really have the sensation that it'll be more for fall wear here. It's warm.

Of course, that could be the beer I had when I was seaming.

Tomorrow is washing and blocking, and photos when its dry.

I am inordinately happy with the darned thing. I'll definitely be making a few more of these.

And I absolutely need to wear a body slimmer under it... Or a blazer over it. Either way, it's a good "investment" knit.

I also ordered the last few skeins of Lion Brand Incredible in Autumn Leaves colorway for the Shapely Tank I started while I was waiting for the two skeins of Ella Rae to arrive. That should be here within the next week or two, so I'll be finishing up the shoulders on the front and waiting (im)patiently for the yarn to get here so I can start doing that strange every-other-row knitting that we have to do with mismatched dyelots.

I really hope there'll be enough of the Jade. There should be. I'm getting 2500 yards. And unless it's Fingering weight, it should be more than enough to make another Sahara. (And bamboo yarn is lovely for summer wear.)

I have to do a shout-out, here, too. The Yarn and Fiber Company rocks. I ordered two skeins of Shibu by Ella Rae for much cheaper than I'd found it anywhere else online (short of ordering it by the bag) and the shipping was free. I ordered on Saturday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday.

07 May 2007

And the next FO (kinda) is...

Pomatomus. Okay, it's kinda an FO because I only have one done at the moment. And like the other pair that I frogged, it's a tinch too long. Not enough to be an issue for me at the moment, but I may have a mostly-matched-but-not-identical pair of socks, just because the other needs to be shortened by two rows.

06 May 2007

Sahara WIP

The second sleeve is done, with maybe three yards left. Now to wait on the 2 balls that were ordered to do the finishing on the hem, sleeves, and neckline.

How sad is it that I want to pick up the yarn for the next one now? (Can't... have too many projects on the needles, on a yarn diet, etc...)

Next to finish: Potomos or Clapotis.

Sahara WIP

Sahara WIPInformation:
28 April 2007
Large (I think it might be so fitted that I'd be wise to wear a bit of a girdle or shaper underneath just so the relaxed belly doesn't ruin the line!)
Ella Rae Shibu in #07 (90/10 silk/rayon) - Approximately 8 balls so far (yarn was reclaimed from a very bad version of a Knitty tank). Two more balls on order for the neck and hem details (that way with the mismatch of the dyelot, it will seem like a design element... That's my theory).
Knitpicks Options for the body in size 5US, some random plastic sleeve needle from Mom's stash for the sleeves
Adding some length to the sleeve to make it hit right above the elbow when completed.
Gauge issues (stitch gauge was on, row gauge was off)
Sleeves are going to be more fitted than shown in model.

It's turning out to be a lot of pink... And I'm not a pink person. I think something happened to me, like trauma.

Overall, I'm very happy with the knit, and the fit from the last body try-on, and the sleeves seem like they're going to be precisely what I want - well fitted, and longer than the short sleeve section of the pattern, which is so not designed for any woman with meaty upper arms.

I can already tell that I'll be wanting quite a few more of these for summer tops. I'm already eyeing the yarns for one in blue, green, and black (okay, I have the accent yarn for the black ready and waiting). Might even be silly enough to do one in cream.

25 April 2007

I'm not dead yet! I feel like going for a walk!

I'm here! I swear! And I've been knitting!

...But I am a bad, bad blogger and I haven't any photos at the moment.

Actively on the needles are:
1. Clapotis in Handmaiden Sea Silk
2. Swiffer Reusable Cloth (adaptation)
3. Potomo socks in Socks That Rock Sapphire colorway, medium weight. (I frogged my wool/bamboo Potomo socks... they didn't have the structure that the pattern really needs.)

This weekend I plan on going on a photo taking spree and showing all the loverly (which, apparently, is a word) goings-on with my knitting things.

31 March 2007

Bostonian Yarn Crawl (day whatever)

I've been on holiday in Boston for the past week and a half, and while I'm sure I could have seen many typical Bostonian places, I went shopping for yarn.

Photos will be forthcoming.

From Windsor Button: 2 skeins of Handmaiden's Seasilk, Mountain Colors Barefoot in Ruby River, and Cherry Tree Hill potluck in Blues/Greens

From Woolcott: 6 skeins of Cascade Fixation (3 colorways), Rowan Tapestry, and other sock yarns.

From Mind's Eye: 3 skeins of Lucy's hand dyed yarn (omg, yum) and 8 ounces of green merino/tencel roving for spinning.

What I have waiting for me when I get home:

Swift (omg, FINALLY!)
SWS (for Danica and a felted bag, possibly another Clapotis)
3 new T-shirt Hell t-shirts

In other Boston area news... I did meet up with the coffee guy. We did go out for dinner, and later, coffee. It was good to see him again. And no, I wouldn't consider it a date, but I did wear the sweater, and he commented on it. I'm utterly confused, but that's life. Point of amusement: I've done so much walking because of being in Boston and using the T that I need to seriously rethink a remake of the coffee sweater/SKB because I lost enough weight that I may need to knit up the size down. (I also need to get a bicycle soon... I'm loving this exercise with a purpose thing.)

I also got another pair of Jaywalkers done this trip. Will post photos upon my return to the place where my stuff is.

I also DESPERATELY need to organize my yarn in a different manner - by weight rather than color.

Upon my return, I will be working on Clessidra. Unless I decide it's time to get cracking on the Endpaper Mitts. Or something else. But I'm really jonesing for some knee high socks. Plus, I have that yummy white with blue flecks Bamboo/Wool sock yarn that really, desperately needs to be turned into knee socks.

Oh. And remember the Knitty Halfdome hat that I knit for coffee guy? I've got his mailing address (no, I'm not sharing it, as the situation is confusing, not irksome, so no doing bad things to other people's homes) so that will be going off to him upon my return. Maybe getting that sent off and out of my house (aka: the place where all my stuff is) will help to clear my mind. I don't think I'll be in love with DB Cashmerino again for a while.

Other news: While I was in Boston, I got my nose pierced (yay! Been wanting that for years!) and my tongue repierced. It's funny. After I had my tongue pierced the second time, I missed it when I took it out. I didn't realize how much until I had this one done. As for my nostril piercing, I'm very happy with it. I went to high school with a bunch of people that had all kinds of piercings (septum, labret, eyebrow, etc.) and they never bothered me, but I was never that attracted to them at the time. Now? I'd love to have my eyebrow done, but I doubt I will because of that pesky job thing.

When I get my ink done... I think I'm really going to start feeling like myself. (Oh, and my dad is going to shit over my nose. I'd hate to think what he'll do about the tattoo... But I'm over 21 and doing my own thing.)

26 March 2007

Boston Yarn Crawl - day 1

Today I went to Windsor Buttons near Part Street.

I got two skeins of SeaSilk (omg), a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Potluck in Blues/Greens (more blues than greens).

Wednesday or Thursday will be the trip out to Mind's Eye Yarns. I went today but was silly and didn't realize that the shop was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


17 March 2007

Socks that Rock Lover's Leap

Socks That Rock came in! The colorway, Lover's Leap, is really pink. The color in the photo is a little brighter than it looks to my eye on the skein, but yay! I'm not sure if these are going to become Clessidra's or if they're going to turn into a different knee high sock (one from CookieA, perhaps?), but they'll be pretty.

In other yarn-related news, I'm kool-aid dyeing in my crock pot for another two skeins of socks to make knee high socks out of, thanks to KnitPicks Bare in 100% merino. Of course, I just realized that I may have started dyeing enough for two pair of knee-high socks. If it turns out well, I'll be happy. If it doesn't, then it's a lesson learned, and it's not like I took tussah silk hankies and lit them on fire.

Which reminds me... it's time to check on the crock pot.

13 March 2007

Lewtz! (Well, on order)

I ordered a bag of SWS in three different colorways.
Finally JoAnn's had a 50% off coupon, so I ordered a swift.
And the sock yarn that I'm eagerly awaiting from STR.

I'm looking forward to the mail again.

09 March 2007

My socks are not rocked

Third time I've had to rip out socks in the last week. I didn't like the first ones, so I ripped those out. I started in on a pair of Jaywalkers on size 2 needles... too big. Started in on a different pair of Jaywalkers... too small.

Forget porridge, Goldilocks was talking about knitting socks.

So, I've decided to start on the next size up for the Jaywalkers, on size 1 needles. The irony? I'm pretty sure my first pair of Jaywalkers I did this exact same thing for - now it's noted.

At least they're a quick knit. I can usually finish a single Jaywalker in two to three days.

So, for the record: Cast on 84 on size 3 needles, then switch to size 1 for ribbing and pattern.

08 March 2007

Sexy Sock Yarn Ordered!

(Socks that Rock - Lightweight. In colorway: Lover's Leap)

Will become...

clessidra socks - knitty
(Clessidra Stockings)

I can't wait!

07 March 2007

Modeled SKB

SKB Modeled

Modeled photo. No, no smile. Not today. I'm tired. But there's the goods!

05 March 2007

Thanks ... And tonight's activities!

Thanks to those that have left kind comments about my SKB. I was hoping to have a modeled photo tonight, but the lacework still isn't dry. I'm hoping tomorrow.

To Susan:
Actually, the family legend attributes this white girl having an ass to being part Italian. The boobalicious is because I'm equally part German.

But hey, I'd rather have boobs and butt than be a stick.

Onto tonight's activities:

I swatched for the grey SKB and discovered that what I thought was worsted is actually light DK to heavy sport weight yarn... So I'll have to do some math to figure out how I need to alter the pattern. I suspect I can knit the larger size and make some modifications to the row repeats and be fine.

I also swatched for the Mermaid Jacket. Not having the 3mm needles it called for, I tried on size 2. Too dense. Swatched on size 3. Still too tight. Swatched on size 4... Looking promising. I need to keep working on that swatch for another two or three inches to make sure that my row gauge is right (since for this pattern, it's critical - it's worked in garter stitch across the jacket, the opposite of standard knitting).

So what am I going to work on next? Still haven't a clue. I'm leaning towards the grey SKB, but I need to also figure out how much yarn it's going to take as the yarn I have for it is in limited supply, but I think it would turn out nicely in this yarn. It's French or German. Haven't a clue. I'll play with it more later.

Anyone out there good at math? The SKB gauge is 20 stitches/24 rows, and I'm coming up with 26 stitches/30 rows. The body of the previous SKB (at gauge) was 210 stitches. I figure if I can determine what the closest thing would be given those numbers, I can reverse-engineer what other size I need to knit at for the starting stitches.

Decisions, decisions...

I think I'm going to rip out the Somewhat Cowl I've been working on... The color isn't working for me.

Since I'm in a holding pattern on Tubey (waiting on tools), and the socks are just making me want to tear my hair out right now, I'm trying to decide on what to knit next.

So, do I make another SKB (this time in fuzzy grey)? Do I work on Eunny Jang's Deep-V Argyle Vest? I think I'll go make another SKB, and maybe get some of this residual stuff out of my head.

04 March 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice (Fin!)

I started this sweater about a month and a half ago. It was started because I thought I had a coffee date for my upcoming trip to Boston, but that was canceled (against my wishes, but meh). So, I put it down for a bit while I was sorting out if I even wanted to finish it considering the reason I was knitting it went *poof* - and after some deliberation, I decided to finish it. Sometimes knitting really is therapy.

The pattern calls for worsted weight, I knit it in DK weight. It's a little translucent, but I knew I'd have to wear something under it, and I'm okay with that.

Pattern: Simple Knitted Bodice from StitchDiva.com, size L

Lana Grossa Feeling (Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend), Ivory, 7 skeins
SRK Irise, Oyster, 2+ skeins

Needles (Knitpicks Options):
Size 7 for body
Size 4 for lacework

I extended the length of the sleeves by quite a bit (partially because of the gauge difference for DK weight, partially because I like my sleeves to come past my wrists a bit). I also lengthened the body above the lacework and after the increases on the front. Like a number of other people, I also decreased the number of purl ridges on the collar to match the number on the hems. Instead of using the CC for the hems and collar, I went with the MC - my reasoning behind this was because the CC has quite a bit of sparkle in it and I felt it would have been too much. Had I done something like what was called for in the pattern (lacework color matches body, but has sequins/beads), I think I may have done it as per pattern.

If I were to knit this again, I'd...
* Alter the pattern to suit my gauge, not my gauge to suit the pattern (especially if I'm using a lighter weight yarn). I suspect if I'd done that for this one, I'd have ended up short on yarn, and I bought the yarn on sale (9 skeins for $12).
* Include short row bust shaping. (I'm a bit boobalicious.)
* Suck it up and do Zimmerman's sewn bind-off for the bottom hem. I'm still a bit tight on a knitted bind off, even after moving up to size 9 needles. (But man, is that a lot of yarn when doing a hem. Yowza!)
* Try to get the lace panels to match up in location so when my arms are down (which they rarely are... I'm part Italian, after all) they line up nicely.
* Lengthen the body so it lined up with the length of the arms when worn. I'm a little strange like that.

Onto the photos!
Cream and Beige Yarn

This is what it started out as... Just some innocuous yarn running about in plastic bags. Oh, sweet little yarn, you don't know what pain you're in for!

SKB In Progress

It turned into this... Slowly working it's way... But wait! I hated the location of the lace panel in the body, and the length of the body... Rippit, rippit, rippit.

SKB Blocking

So, I extended, fixed, widened, and otherwise forced it to bend to my will.

SKB Lace Detail

A somewhat bad close up of the lacework. At least here you can see how sparkly the SRK Irise is.

This is my first finished sweater. I got to play with sleeves, as well as picking up stitches around the neckline for a decorative collar. I'm very pleased with my work. There were a few places where I went "oh, I screwed up" but only me and another knitter would ever notice, and I'm not feeling that anal about this project.

Simple Knitted Bodice (part IV)

And she's blocking. Yay!

Yarn used
Main Color: Lana Grossa Feeling in Ivory (7 skeins)
Contrasting Color: SRK Irise in Oyster (2+ skeins)

Lana Grossa Feeling is DK weight yarn I got close to gauge (close enough to not have to do substantial modifications to the pattern) and the sweater turned out nice, but a wee bit translucent since it calls for worsted weight yarn. I'm not overly concerned, as I like it and I was planning on wearing something under it anyway.

Next iteration I make of this will be worsted weight, or close to. I have a yummy silvery mohair yarn that's been begging to be turned into something... At first I thought it would be a Kiri shawl (nope), then a simple fuzzy sweater (pass), and after seeing how this pattern knits up, I figured that it might be a good move to use the silver on this pattern. I probably won't start it for a few projects (*sigh* so many projects... so little motivation), as I have a list a mile long that I want to work on... Next is probably going to be the Mermaid blazer.

Pictures will be forthcoming when the the sweater dries. I think it looks very sweet on, so I'd rather show it off on me than laying flat on a blocking board... But, it does look very nice. I think when I do Sahara (DK weight yarn, worsted called for in pattern), I'm going to alter the pattern to suit my gauge, not the other way 'round.

Simple Knitted Bodice (part III)

Sleeve two was completed tonight... All that's left is the collar and blocking, and my first full sweater is DONE. I can hardly wait!

25 February 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice (part II)

The one thing I've learned about creating handcrafts through the years is that if you don't love it, rework it otherwise you'll never use it.

So I ripped out most of the body of the SKB today. It needed another inch (maybe 2, maybe 1.5) so the lace panel didn't pull up towards the bust, but there wasn't quite the need for short-row bust shaping.

I also found that my gauge does differ between my KnitPicks Options (which I'm in LOVE with, let me tell you!) and when I switch to my Brittany Birch DPNs (which I love, too, but they have a more limited use). So, it's time to do a KP order for some DPNs in sizes I use a lot and see if that helps any with the gauge issue. Not a big deal with SKB or Somewhat Cowl, but I suspect that Tubey (especially because I'm working it on Lion Brand Microfiber - an acrylic) might have issue with the grippy-ness of the birch DPNs.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to figure out a good way to let my sweater do it's thing when I'm working on the sleeve so I don't have to untwist it every row. I'm wondering if I could jerry-rig a lazy susan to fit on my lap while I do that. *shrug*

24 February 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice

I cast off the first sleeve this evening. I had to order some more SRK Irise from my former LYS, Sew EZ Too, in Spokane, WA.

Let me say that the folks in the "Yarn Room" at Sew EZ Too are fantastic. I called with the name of the yarn and the colorway. Rather than just letting me order it from that, she asked me to describe the color and the yarn, just so I would be getting the proper yarn.

Will update with a photo tomorrow. So far, I'm liking it. I think, if I made another iteration, there are a few more modifications I'd make. I need to figure out where/when/formula for short row shaping through the bust and how much I should do and how it all works. But all in all, it should be suitable for a coffee meeting, or a lecture, or any number of things. And it's in warm neutrals, so it should match the eventual gold jewelry for my (soon to come) nose piercing.

While I'm waiting for the yarn I ordered, I'll be working on Tubey and finishing those "this is taking me forever" bamboo socks. The next pair of socks are either going to be another pair of Grumperina's Jaywalkers or Cookie's Monkey Socks out of Knitty. That, or I'll start in on a pair of Endpaper Mitts because I'll need the colorwork practice for the Deep V Argyle Vest.

The knitting never stops.

23 February 2007

Halfdome (Knitty)

Originally uploaded by AK Neve.
Knit out of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for a friend who may or may not be speaking to me at the moment.

This was knit for his birthday that is coming up in less than a week.

Knit on Knitpicks Options needles.

(I knit this a while ago and kinda forgot a lot of details. Sorry!)

I'm alive...

And knitting as frantically as I can. I've updated what's on the sticks, but I need to pull the URLs to link to. I'm working Tubey in an (ew?) acrylic - Lion Brand Microfiber - because Hancock Fabrics is closing down the store in the town I live in ... I picked up a lot of notions and sewing stuff for a song, and the yarn was 30% off, so I had to. I think it's an acceptable slip in the No Yarn for a Year thing... It was on sale and I had an immediate project for it.

I'm hoping to get some FOs up and posted soon. The Somewhat Cowl was frustrating me, and I haven't quite gotten to the point where I want to tackle it again.

11 January 2007

Another view...

Anna's Socks

10 January 2007

First Finish of 2007 - Lombard Street Socks

Anna's Socks (aka Lombard Street Socks from Magknits):
Start: 03 January 2007.
Finish: 09 January 2007. First FO of the year.
Yarn: Fortissima Socka in Orange, 2 skeins (about 1/4 skein remaining)
Needles: Size 2 Brittany DPNs
Modifications: None.

As per usual, click for a larger version.

Lombard Street Socks - WIP
The sock in progress. I'm really pleased with how the heel-flap turned out.
I also like how the cable twists up the back of the leg - reminds me of seamed stockings.
Lombard Street Socks - 1 down
Her feet are a little longer than mine, so the toe looks super pointy. Her legs are also skinnier than mine, so the picot edge shouldn't be as wavy on her.
Knitting 023
Side view. (And I really made a mess of the place I was staying at over the holidays. Good thing I cleaned up before I left.)
Lombard St Socks - close up
Detail shot of the cabling and lacework.
Lombard St. Socks - angle
Obligatory angle shot.
Lombard St Socks - complete
And they're done! All that's left now is a quick wash, a bit of blocking, and off they go!

Before getting to the airport yesterday, I was two rows past the heel cup. I knit off and on through my flights and layovers (I really should have slept more, but the socks did not suffer because of my sleep deprivation), and finished them a few hours after I got back to the place where my stuff is (aka: home for now). I'm generally pleased with how they turned out, and now I really want a pair of orange socks for myself. But not this pattern, and not anytime soon.

The thing that made me giggle most of all when I was knitting in the airports? The PA voice saying, "Attention passengers. The current threat level, according to the Department of Homeland Security, is orange." I'd look down at my knitting and think, "yeah it is!" The next flight I go on, I think I'll make it a point to knit something in a color matching the current threat level.

Here's hoping the numbers she gave me were right and they fit like a dream.

02 January 2007

No Yarn For A Year?!

I joined the No Yarn For A Year community on Livejournal. Well, it's almost a year. 9 months. But still, the entire purpose is to just knit from what you have on hand. With 8 rubbermaid-type boxes FILLED with yarn, I figured it might not be a bad idea.

Sock yarn is exempt, thank goodness.

I've finished T's socks. They've been dubbed the "Fraternal Cancer Socks" because while she and I were at a bar, I KIPed and she watched them go from .25" to 5" over the course of the evening. They took me 5 days to do, all told.

I plan on taking many more photos of my finished product when I have more to report. Currently being worked on: Somewhat Cowl (for me, in grey) and Lombard Street Socks (for SavageCats, in orange).

I have so much yarn to start cranking through.