02 January 2007

No Yarn For A Year?!

I joined the No Yarn For A Year community on Livejournal. Well, it's almost a year. 9 months. But still, the entire purpose is to just knit from what you have on hand. With 8 rubbermaid-type boxes FILLED with yarn, I figured it might not be a bad idea.

Sock yarn is exempt, thank goodness.

I've finished T's socks. They've been dubbed the "Fraternal Cancer Socks" because while she and I were at a bar, I KIPed and she watched them go from .25" to 5" over the course of the evening. They took me 5 days to do, all told.

I plan on taking many more photos of my finished product when I have more to report. Currently being worked on: Somewhat Cowl (for me, in grey) and Lombard Street Socks (for SavageCats, in orange).

I have so much yarn to start cranking through.

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