31 March 2007

Bostonian Yarn Crawl (day whatever)

I've been on holiday in Boston for the past week and a half, and while I'm sure I could have seen many typical Bostonian places, I went shopping for yarn.

Photos will be forthcoming.

From Windsor Button: 2 skeins of Handmaiden's Seasilk, Mountain Colors Barefoot in Ruby River, and Cherry Tree Hill potluck in Blues/Greens

From Woolcott: 6 skeins of Cascade Fixation (3 colorways), Rowan Tapestry, and other sock yarns.

From Mind's Eye: 3 skeins of Lucy's hand dyed yarn (omg, yum) and 8 ounces of green merino/tencel roving for spinning.

What I have waiting for me when I get home:

Swift (omg, FINALLY!)
SWS (for Danica and a felted bag, possibly another Clapotis)
3 new T-shirt Hell t-shirts

In other Boston area news... I did meet up with the coffee guy. We did go out for dinner, and later, coffee. It was good to see him again. And no, I wouldn't consider it a date, but I did wear the sweater, and he commented on it. I'm utterly confused, but that's life. Point of amusement: I've done so much walking because of being in Boston and using the T that I need to seriously rethink a remake of the coffee sweater/SKB because I lost enough weight that I may need to knit up the size down. (I also need to get a bicycle soon... I'm loving this exercise with a purpose thing.)

I also got another pair of Jaywalkers done this trip. Will post photos upon my return to the place where my stuff is.

I also DESPERATELY need to organize my yarn in a different manner - by weight rather than color.

Upon my return, I will be working on Clessidra. Unless I decide it's time to get cracking on the Endpaper Mitts. Or something else. But I'm really jonesing for some knee high socks. Plus, I have that yummy white with blue flecks Bamboo/Wool sock yarn that really, desperately needs to be turned into knee socks.

Oh. And remember the Knitty Halfdome hat that I knit for coffee guy? I've got his mailing address (no, I'm not sharing it, as the situation is confusing, not irksome, so no doing bad things to other people's homes) so that will be going off to him upon my return. Maybe getting that sent off and out of my house (aka: the place where all my stuff is) will help to clear my mind. I don't think I'll be in love with DB Cashmerino again for a while.

Other news: While I was in Boston, I got my nose pierced (yay! Been wanting that for years!) and my tongue repierced. It's funny. After I had my tongue pierced the second time, I missed it when I took it out. I didn't realize how much until I had this one done. As for my nostril piercing, I'm very happy with it. I went to high school with a bunch of people that had all kinds of piercings (septum, labret, eyebrow, etc.) and they never bothered me, but I was never that attracted to them at the time. Now? I'd love to have my eyebrow done, but I doubt I will because of that pesky job thing.

When I get my ink done... I think I'm really going to start feeling like myself. (Oh, and my dad is going to shit over my nose. I'd hate to think what he'll do about the tattoo... But I'm over 21 and doing my own thing.)

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