09 March 2007

My socks are not rocked

Third time I've had to rip out socks in the last week. I didn't like the first ones, so I ripped those out. I started in on a pair of Jaywalkers on size 2 needles... too big. Started in on a different pair of Jaywalkers... too small.

Forget porridge, Goldilocks was talking about knitting socks.

So, I've decided to start on the next size up for the Jaywalkers, on size 1 needles. The irony? I'm pretty sure my first pair of Jaywalkers I did this exact same thing for - now it's noted.

At least they're a quick knit. I can usually finish a single Jaywalker in two to three days.

So, for the record: Cast on 84 on size 3 needles, then switch to size 1 for ribbing and pattern.

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