04 March 2007

Simple Knitted Bodice (Fin!)

I started this sweater about a month and a half ago. It was started because I thought I had a coffee date for my upcoming trip to Boston, but that was canceled (against my wishes, but meh). So, I put it down for a bit while I was sorting out if I even wanted to finish it considering the reason I was knitting it went *poof* - and after some deliberation, I decided to finish it. Sometimes knitting really is therapy.

The pattern calls for worsted weight, I knit it in DK weight. It's a little translucent, but I knew I'd have to wear something under it, and I'm okay with that.

Pattern: Simple Knitted Bodice from StitchDiva.com, size L

Lana Grossa Feeling (Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend), Ivory, 7 skeins
SRK Irise, Oyster, 2+ skeins

Needles (Knitpicks Options):
Size 7 for body
Size 4 for lacework

I extended the length of the sleeves by quite a bit (partially because of the gauge difference for DK weight, partially because I like my sleeves to come past my wrists a bit). I also lengthened the body above the lacework and after the increases on the front. Like a number of other people, I also decreased the number of purl ridges on the collar to match the number on the hems. Instead of using the CC for the hems and collar, I went with the MC - my reasoning behind this was because the CC has quite a bit of sparkle in it and I felt it would have been too much. Had I done something like what was called for in the pattern (lacework color matches body, but has sequins/beads), I think I may have done it as per pattern.

If I were to knit this again, I'd...
* Alter the pattern to suit my gauge, not my gauge to suit the pattern (especially if I'm using a lighter weight yarn). I suspect if I'd done that for this one, I'd have ended up short on yarn, and I bought the yarn on sale (9 skeins for $12).
* Include short row bust shaping. (I'm a bit boobalicious.)
* Suck it up and do Zimmerman's sewn bind-off for the bottom hem. I'm still a bit tight on a knitted bind off, even after moving up to size 9 needles. (But man, is that a lot of yarn when doing a hem. Yowza!)
* Try to get the lace panels to match up in location so when my arms are down (which they rarely are... I'm part Italian, after all) they line up nicely.
* Lengthen the body so it lined up with the length of the arms when worn. I'm a little strange like that.

Onto the photos!
Cream and Beige Yarn

This is what it started out as... Just some innocuous yarn running about in plastic bags. Oh, sweet little yarn, you don't know what pain you're in for!

SKB In Progress

It turned into this... Slowly working it's way... But wait! I hated the location of the lace panel in the body, and the length of the body... Rippit, rippit, rippit.

SKB Blocking

So, I extended, fixed, widened, and otherwise forced it to bend to my will.

SKB Lace Detail

A somewhat bad close up of the lacework. At least here you can see how sparkly the SRK Irise is.

This is my first finished sweater. I got to play with sleeves, as well as picking up stitches around the neckline for a decorative collar. I'm very pleased with my work. There were a few places where I went "oh, I screwed up" but only me and another knitter would ever notice, and I'm not feeling that anal about this project.


knitten kitten said...

I love the colors you chose and it looks beatiful. Great Work! How 'bout a modeled shot?

tiennie said...

Followed you over from GA KAL. Your SKB is beautiful! Can't wait to see your grey versions.


The sweater looks great!