17 March 2007

Socks that Rock Lover's Leap

Socks That Rock came in! The colorway, Lover's Leap, is really pink. The color in the photo is a little brighter than it looks to my eye on the skein, but yay! I'm not sure if these are going to become Clessidra's or if they're going to turn into a different knee high sock (one from CookieA, perhaps?), but they'll be pretty.

In other yarn-related news, I'm kool-aid dyeing in my crock pot for another two skeins of socks to make knee high socks out of, thanks to KnitPicks Bare in 100% merino. Of course, I just realized that I may have started dyeing enough for two pair of knee-high socks. If it turns out well, I'll be happy. If it doesn't, then it's a lesson learned, and it's not like I took tussah silk hankies and lit them on fire.

Which reminds me... it's time to check on the crock pot.


Susan said...

That is the most beautiful red ever! I want some so bad, but am trying to hold out for the medium weight. I just got the Rocktober colorway & I love it.

But what can I say...I'm a sucker for reds & oranges.

Adjunct Slave said...

If you're a sucker for reds, pick up Ruby Slippers in STR. That's a gorgeous colorway.

Camdyn said...

Great work.