05 March 2007

Thanks ... And tonight's activities!

Thanks to those that have left kind comments about my SKB. I was hoping to have a modeled photo tonight, but the lacework still isn't dry. I'm hoping tomorrow.

To Susan:
Actually, the family legend attributes this white girl having an ass to being part Italian. The boobalicious is because I'm equally part German.

But hey, I'd rather have boobs and butt than be a stick.

Onto tonight's activities:

I swatched for the grey SKB and discovered that what I thought was worsted is actually light DK to heavy sport weight yarn... So I'll have to do some math to figure out how I need to alter the pattern. I suspect I can knit the larger size and make some modifications to the row repeats and be fine.

I also swatched for the Mermaid Jacket. Not having the 3mm needles it called for, I tried on size 2. Too dense. Swatched on size 3. Still too tight. Swatched on size 4... Looking promising. I need to keep working on that swatch for another two or three inches to make sure that my row gauge is right (since for this pattern, it's critical - it's worked in garter stitch across the jacket, the opposite of standard knitting).

So what am I going to work on next? Still haven't a clue. I'm leaning towards the grey SKB, but I need to also figure out how much yarn it's going to take as the yarn I have for it is in limited supply, but I think it would turn out nicely in this yarn. It's French or German. Haven't a clue. I'll play with it more later.

Anyone out there good at math? The SKB gauge is 20 stitches/24 rows, and I'm coming up with 26 stitches/30 rows. The body of the previous SKB (at gauge) was 210 stitches. I figure if I can determine what the closest thing would be given those numbers, I can reverse-engineer what other size I need to knit at for the starting stitches.

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