12 May 2007

Sahara Photos

Finished Sahara

Date Started: 28 April 2007
Date Completed: 11 May 2007
Pattern: Sahara from StitchDiva by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic.
Yarn: Ella Rae Shibu, Colorway 07.
Needles: Size 5 US for body, Size 4 US for ribbing. KnitPicks Options.
Modifications: Lengthened sleeves by working the long sleeve pattern decreases (5 total decreases, +2 rounds) before ribbing.
Neckline p3togtbl was switched for a p3tog.
Modifications for row gauge being off pattern.

Thoughts on the knit: This was a nice knit. There wasn't a whole lot of difficult stitching involved and the end result is nice and fitted. I'm a little surprised at how nice the color looks on me, as I don't think of myself as being a "pink person." I'm looking forward to revisiting this knit in the bamboo yarn I ordered from Discontinued Brand Name Yarn. (Seriously, 2500 yards of light worsted for $42.50. That's enough for another Sahara and a Shapely Tank.)

I also have to point out that I am incapable of binding off loosely in a standard bind-off. I used Zimmerman's Sewn Bind-Off for all the hems. It worked rather well for all of them. For future iterations of this, I think I'll be crocheting the center seam together, because I'm not entirely thrilled with the center seam as it stands. It's not so bad that it's bothering me, but the next one needs to be something ... better.


Ilix said...

Looks really good! Congrats!

Adjunct Slave said...

Thanks! I'm hoping the Sahara/Lelah hybrid I'm working on now turns out as pretty.

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice!

I have a question - did you like working with Shibu? Could you please let me know what you thought. I am at customerserv@littleknits.com .