06 May 2007

Sahara WIP

Sahara WIPInformation:
28 April 2007
Large (I think it might be so fitted that I'd be wise to wear a bit of a girdle or shaper underneath just so the relaxed belly doesn't ruin the line!)
Ella Rae Shibu in #07 (90/10 silk/rayon) - Approximately 8 balls so far (yarn was reclaimed from a very bad version of a Knitty tank). Two more balls on order for the neck and hem details (that way with the mismatch of the dyelot, it will seem like a design element... That's my theory).
Knitpicks Options for the body in size 5US, some random plastic sleeve needle from Mom's stash for the sleeves
Adding some length to the sleeve to make it hit right above the elbow when completed.
Gauge issues (stitch gauge was on, row gauge was off)
Sleeves are going to be more fitted than shown in model.

It's turning out to be a lot of pink... And I'm not a pink person. I think something happened to me, like trauma.

Overall, I'm very happy with the knit, and the fit from the last body try-on, and the sleeves seem like they're going to be precisely what I want - well fitted, and longer than the short sleeve section of the pattern, which is so not designed for any woman with meaty upper arms.

I can already tell that I'll be wanting quite a few more of these for summer tops. I'm already eyeing the yarns for one in blue, green, and black (okay, I have the accent yarn for the black ready and waiting). Might even be silly enough to do one in cream.

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