11 May 2007


She's done. I would have liked a prettier seam, but I can do that with the next one that will be made in Bamboo yarn - Jade colorway. Hopefully I'll have enough to make it work. The silk is nice, but I really have the sensation that it'll be more for fall wear here. It's warm.

Of course, that could be the beer I had when I was seaming.

Tomorrow is washing and blocking, and photos when its dry.

I am inordinately happy with the darned thing. I'll definitely be making a few more of these.

And I absolutely need to wear a body slimmer under it... Or a blazer over it. Either way, it's a good "investment" knit.

I also ordered the last few skeins of Lion Brand Incredible in Autumn Leaves colorway for the Shapely Tank I started while I was waiting for the two skeins of Ella Rae to arrive. That should be here within the next week or two, so I'll be finishing up the shoulders on the front and waiting (im)patiently for the yarn to get here so I can start doing that strange every-other-row knitting that we have to do with mismatched dyelots.

I really hope there'll be enough of the Jade. There should be. I'm getting 2500 yards. And unless it's Fingering weight, it should be more than enough to make another Sahara. (And bamboo yarn is lovely for summer wear.)

I have to do a shout-out, here, too. The Yarn and Fiber Company rocks. I ordered two skeins of Shibu by Ella Rae for much cheaper than I'd found it anywhere else online (short of ordering it by the bag) and the shipping was free. I ordered on Saturday and it was in my mailbox on Thursday.

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