22 May 2007

Tag, I'm what?

Kozy Kitty tagged me. She says not to hate her, but I'm not too sure about that... I'm feeling benevolent today, so I suppose I'll avoid with the hatin'.

Here are the instructions: List 7 random things about yourself on your blog along with the rules then tag seven other residents of the blogosphere to do the same! [Yeah, not tagging people, but I'll play along.]

1. I was involved in a FutureWeapons shoot as a clapping, hooting and hollering extra. There I got to meet Richard "Mack" Machowicz and had a good but short conversation with him.

2. In other celebrity-esque randomness, I saw Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood at a show in Anchorage. They did an "interview" skit with a member of the audience, asking for people with strange jobs. I called out "Salmon milker!" and was chosen. They were both very nice, though a little shocked when they realized what salmon milking actually was.

3. One of my friends decided that he was going to teach me how to speak ghetto before I left for law school. I did, and now I occasionally use it to shock my students. ( The latest: You need to step off and get the hell outta my grill.)

4. I tell my students that I'm "nearly thirty" (which is somewhat true) because I suspect that it would impact their view of me if they knew I was 27 (closing in quickly on 28).

5. I go on an underwear buying spree about once every three years.

6. If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to do the following things:

  • Buy every one of my students a laptop and a dictionary
  • Build a Pagoda Shrine style home in the mountains somewhere
  • Declare myself a non-resident of any country, or buy an island and declare myself an independent nation
  • Keep teaching
  • Force all book publishers to make any book that is not photo oriented be the same dimensions for ease of my bookshelves (different dimensions for paperbacks and hardbound, but yeah)
7. I hate to blame anything on my ADHD, even though I know a number of quirks directly relate to the way my brain chemistry just, well, is.

I was hoping to have a FO to post for Post #50, but this works just as well. (Blogger dashboard is lying to me, according to my post count, I'm at #48, I suppose they're counting drafts.)

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