06 June 2007

Have I turned into a sheep yet?

There is a summer contest going on at Skeins Her Way which I read about on Kozy Kitty's Blog. (I swear, these contest notifications are the only reasons I'm reading her anymore after being tagged. Honestly. Okay, it has nothing to do with the cute kitty photos, or the awesome Sahara she just finished. Nope. It's the contests. I swear. Because I'm still vexed about doing that tagged blog thing... And if you took any of this seriously, please see your doctor about getting on a chill pill. Thanks!)

A requirement of the contest is to list your summer knitting goals on your blog so here goes:
(I'm going to whimper a bit first... Okay, I'm ready.)

  1. Finish Kiri shawl in Sea Silk
  2. Finish Soleil in Bamboo
  3. Figure out the magic formula for short row sleeve caps
  4. Design my own summer top to use with the Rowan 4-ply that my mom gifted me with (or rework one of Eunny Jang's insane gorgeous designs that she hasn't shared the pattern for).
  5. Make needle pouches for all the DPNs that don't fit in the KnitPicks Options binder. (Hey, it's knitting related.)
  6. Start (and mostly finish) Rogue cardigan for fall wear.
  7. Sort out, for once and for all, how to adjust all those patterns that call for worsted weight to make them work for DK or sport weight.
Not sure who's going to read this off my blog, but if you do this, when you leave a comment at Skeins Her Way, tell her you found it here!

(Boo! Hiss! It looks like I didn't get around to reading the fine print that says it's already over. Ah, well. At least now I have my summer goals innumerated for all to see!)


Locke said...

Your plate looks full!

Adjunct Slave said...

It should keep me well entertained over the summer.