02 February 2008

Project Polyamory

I started my own interpretation of Birch before the holidays. Have I finished her yet? Of course not. You see, I made a Knit Picks order, and that had the yarn for my Henley Perfected, and as soon as the yarn arrived, I had to cast on for that. But, between that, I decided to start on a pair of socks in Austermann Step using the Waving Lace pattern from Interweave's Favorite Socks book.

But I did get my friend's tea cosy done before February.

And now I really want to cast on for Koolhaas, because I have this lovely mmmmmMalabrigo that's just aching to turn into something, though I keep looking at it and thinking "omg, worsted knee high socks would be awesome."

And then I think of the three and some skeins I have of WildFoote in Jungle that I made a pair of Elfine Socks out of and wonder if I could make Clessidra out of what's left in those (I think I can), but instead of ribbing the cuff, do a stockinette turned cuff with an elastic interior.

But wait, I still have those Endpaper Mitts on the needles that I keep thinking I should really just frog (and I probably will) and then use the Bare for a pair of gorgeous Bayerische socks. I mean, Endpaper Mitts are by Eunny Jang, and so are the Bayerishe, so it's not really like switching entirely.

Ooh, in that Knit Picks order, I also got the pink (way pinker than I expected, but hey) and brown merino to make the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny. Wouldn't that be awesome to cast on for...

Honestly, it's amazing I get any knitting done at all.

More posts to come as I make more progress on the projects that are currently on the needles. I'm not allowed to cast on for anything (not even the gorgeous and quick Koolhass hat) until something comes off. Stupid self-discipline.

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