11 March 2008

Today's adventures in eating...

I finally cooked something new tonight. I make Cooking Light's Red Lentil Soup. I didn't divert from the recipe too much. It's more of a blended stew. I blended the whole thing twice. Once when called for, the second time when the onions and garlic was added.

I've never had lentils before, that I'm aware of, and red lentils are supposed to be the sweetest of the bunch. I could see this being a lovely chilled dip, as well. It tastes a bit Indian (that would be the cumin - I used powder instead of seeds), but I think it would be a nice hummus replacement. I could see it going quite well with carrots, green onions, and red and green bell peppers. It could also be a lovely 'wet' component to a wrap.

...And here's my potential wrap idea. Some nicely Indian/curry seasoned lamb square kebab-type bits, grilled, cooled and sliced thin. Lettuce. Lentil stew/dip. Sliced onions and bell peppers. Wrap in a funky wrap or use the lettuce leaves.

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Tazja said...

I love Cooking Light.