25 June 2008

Bandit birthday

Seriously. I made out like a bandit this birthday, which is awesome because I didn't expect it. At all.

Tons of Japanese food. No, really. Tons. (Okay, if you replace pounds with grams, but still. Lots.)

Hawaii Goodie Box
This was the Hawaiian goodie box. Yay to my friend from Hawaii!

It had sakura arare crackers (mmm), miso soup, green tea, furikake (vegetable seasoning for rice), teriyaki nori, and a handwritten note. I love notes. (It's kinda like the Doctor and his love for little shops. Okay, geeking goes off now.)

Before that came my California goodie box!

The best part? They don't know each other and they didn't do but a tiny bit of overlap. This box had inari, wasabi powder, pocky, socks (for running, which it needs to cool down soon so I can actually go running again), furikake in five different flavors, and CoffeeGo (which I still maintain should have an exclamation point somewhere in it). And a note. Did I mention I love little notes? I do. They're awesome. :D

My toes are not part of the package. I had those already.

If I were a little less couth, I'd be rolling around in my Japanese foodstuffs. I really would.

Bigtime thanks to R and JJ for the awesome birthday goodies.

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