15 December 2008


The Brit's flat is right on the Amstel river and today, the fog is so thick and deep that the only way I know life exists past 15 meters is thanks to the occasional car headlights zipping along the street that runs parallel across the river.

It's cold here. I know. I'm from Alaska and I'm saying it's cold here. We don't have winds that cut through wool and skin and make you want to cry from the violation of it. Here... Well, the 90%+ humidity doesn't help.

I am also an excessively lucky woman. I have been encouraged to go spend money. The Brit left me some money for my trek to Leiden yesterday and left me more today to go get some slacks that are warm and fit comfortably. If I can find a nice pair of wool slacks, I'll probably pick them up. And then pop by the AH to get a sandwich and soup (er, soep) for lunch. No wool shops have been sorted out here, yet, but I have a fair bit of knitting I brough with me.

Yesterday, I hated Amsterdam. I was frustrated by the entire procedure of it all and the foreign-ness. Today I'm much better with it.